Okay so I haven't really done anything in regards to my web and this blog in more than a year. Life happens, still on sick leave, moved (abroad), stuff like that.

Still, I have managed to do some programming, even though my idea with the Learn programming through game of life-series is pretty much on hiatus. Mostly because I decided do disagree with my previous decision to do Elixir next and I haven't found another language I wanted to try out yet. Maybe Lua, I don't know.

Anyhow, still try to do some programming every now and then so right now I've got two Ruby gems in the pipeline: Ohby and RandomOrg, the latter of which is not quite there yet.


If you haven't seen Ohby before, it's a shortener service that lives at https://0x.co and can be accessed both from a browser and programmatically.

I made a little gem that's basically a Ruby wrapper around the service and its' two functions shorten and lookup. Nothing special is needed, the gem doesn't require additional gems (did use HTTParty in the first incarnation) so it should fit right in any project without interfering. Should also work in any still supported version of MRI.

There's a project page up for it right here and the code is hosted on Bitbucket, take a look if you want.


The https://www.random.org/ service is a true random number generator (RNG) that has an API to use it programmatically. It's not quite a free service, although there is a free tier or how you put it and you can request a beta API key to use it, with which you get a daily allowance of 1,000 requests and 250,000 bits.

This gem is a Ruby API to the service, but you will need an API key to use it and there is nothing in the code to keep track of your usage towards the daily allowance.

Once I have something a bit more stable and cleaned up I'll make a project page for it and publish it to RubyGems, but for now it's only available on Bitbucket.