• More Ruby gems!

    Long time since last update but I've added a couple of Ruby gems to the projects page:
  • Ruby gems for fun and profit(?)

    Okay so I haven't really done anything in regards to my web and this blog in more than a year. Life happens, still on sick leave, moved (abroad), stuff like that.
  • My take on the Reaktor #orbitalchallenge

    Reaktor had a programming competition: you get a set of data representing satellites in orbit around Earth plus two sets of coordinates on the surface. he task is to route a fictional call from "start" to "finish", through the satellites in orbit.
  • A Ruby API for Dovado routers

    Okay, so last year, I made a library to access the Telnet-based API on Dovado routers. I wanted this because I was planning to build a dashboard (Dashing) that could show our network data usage, 4G coverage and stuff like that.
  • The LPTL Series Episode 2: Ruby

    In the first episode, we picked Ruby as our first programming language. This was because Ruby is an object-oriented, imperative programming language with an easy to read syntax to make life (ha ha) easy.
  • Series: Learn programming through life

    Since I've got some time on my hands (long-term sick leave, chronic pain, yay!), I decided to learn some more programming languages. To make the endeavor a little more interesting, I also decided to make it into a series about computer programming. Because, well, why not.
  • Remodeling again (yes, again)

    Ok, this is just a small update. Trying out another font that I found called Bitter. I like it a lot.
  • Remodeling (again)

    So, I decided I had to refresh the site recently, turned out it started to look a bit like Ello, which wasn't my intention at all.